If someone is about to open their heart to you – like sharing a secret, a deep frustration, or even a relationship breakdown – make sure you’re listening and LET THEM SPEAK.

Let them say whatever is on their mind before you start asking questions (even if it feels like an important one, be patient, your time will come).

It might have taken a huge amount of mental energy for that person to share their story with you and they’ve probably played bits of it in their head 100+ times.

Let them take that moment to speak their mind without any interruptions, as any questions can alter the course of how they’ve ordered the words and ideas in their head. Jumping in now can leave them feeling unheard or cut-off, neither of which is ideal.

This moment can be really important for them, so listening without disruption shows that you’re not only valuing what is said, but the depth of emotion behind it. This can also give you some insights into how they have been processing information up to that point.

You’ll know when it’s time for you to speak as they’ll start giving you visual cues or it will come in the context of what they’re saying.

Remember, there will be time for questions and clarity on the details later. For now, just let them speak and be the great listener they need.

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