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Being a Life Coach is a fulfilling journey with numerous rewards, such as positively influencing others, building meaningful relationships, and experiencing the joy of helping people. As a Life Coach, your career thrives on the deep connections you forge with your clients. From the excitement of your first session to working with high-ticket clients or leading large groups, the emotional investment in coaching can be both demanding and incredibly enriching.

However, to navigate the challenges that come your way, whether it’s fatigue, difficult clients, or steep learning curves, you need a powerful foundation that serves as your compass – your ‘Why.’ Your ‘Why’ is the driving force behind your coaching practice, turning obstacles into opportunities and shaping your entire approach.

The Significance of Knowing Your ‘Why’:

Your ‘Why’ is not just a motivational statement; it’s the core purpose that fuels your passion for coaching. When you have a clear and precise ‘why,’ your intentions transform from vague notions into a single-minded purpose. It becomes the driving force that propels you forward, even during the most challenging times. With a strong ‘Why,’ you’ll replace ‘work’ with ‘passion,’ and it will be the single most important tool in your coaching toolbox.

Attracting the Right Clients and Guiding Your Process:

Armed with a clear ‘Why,’ you’ll naturally attract clients who resonate with your purpose and what you represent. Your ‘Why’ acts as a North Star, guiding not only your coaching processes but also influencing how you connect with people and develop personally. Your authenticity and genuine commitment to your ‘Why’ will draw the right clients who align with your values and goals.

Knowing Your ‘Why’ as a Life Coach:

For some, discovering their ‘Why’ comes naturally, almost like an inherent trait they’ve known since childhood. Others find it through a journey of life experiences, comprising successes, failures, passions, insecurities, beliefs, and emotions. This path may be more challenging, but it can be incredibly rewarding in shaping your unique purpose.

Unearthing your ‘Why’ often involves asking yourself profound questions. Start with a general idea and ask yourself, “Why is that important to me?” Keep probing deeper with each answer, asking “What will that give me?” and “Why is that important?” and “Why?” Continue this process until you reach the core of your purpose, the true essence of why you do what you do.

My Personal Journey of Discovering My ‘Why’:

In my own coaching journey, my ‘Why’ wasn’t immediately apparent; it took at least a year of formal coaching before I fully grasped it. Initially, I enjoyed providing free coaching, finding fulfillment in acts of service, building social connections, and the challenge of solving problems. However, without a clear ‘Why,’ I encountered self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and negative self-talk.

Through exploring various tools and strategies, including Ikigai, strengths-based approaches, wabi-sabi, values-centric decisions, the 7 Whys, and even Kaizen, I delved into the depths of my purpose. It was a process of introspection, self-awareness, and constant questioning that eventually led me to uncover my vision, my ‘Why’:

“Be a global phenom in helping people to Love Life More.”

Eddie Rakanui


As a Life Coach, understanding your ‘Why’ is fundamental to your role as a positive influencer in your clients’ lives. It serves as your guiding compass, driving your passion, and shaping your coaching journey. While some may discover their ‘Why’ naturally, others may embark on a profound and rewarding quest of self-discovery.

The journey to knowing your ‘Why’ as a Life Coach may not be straightforward, but it’s an exploration worth undertaking. Armed with your purpose, you’ll attract the right clients, make a genuine impact, and find fulfilment in helping others love life to the fullest. Embrace the power of your ‘Why,’ and let it lead you towards a purpose-driven and enriching coaching career.

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