Here’s a great technique to prioritize your tasks, achieve a goal AND reduce unwanted distractions.

What you’ll find is that it also applies to emails, meetings, even water cooler conversations as well.

The top 5% of the Priority Triangle™  represents the ‘Critical’ tasks to be done. You’ll know that if you don’t do these, there’s absolutely no way you’re going to be successful.

The next 25% are the ‘Important’ ones. They’re probably going to have an impact on your ability to achieve your goal, so you’re probably going to need to do them, but not without attending to the ‘Critical’ ones first.

This last section is just noise and I don’t say that lightly. These are the actions or information that somebody has given you and it’s not important or critical to them and it’s certainly not for you.

One way you can reduce this noise is to ask them “Is this action you’ve given me ‘Important or Critical’ to our success”?

If you want to know how you can tell if something is truly ‘Critical’ or ‘Important’ check out my other posts under the category of “The Priority Triangle”

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