Here’s five key tips to help ensure you have better presentations.

Number one START STRONG.

Your opening remarks should be powerful enough to capture the audience’s attention.

Number two, FINISH STRONG.

Once again, you want to make your closing remark memorable, especially if there’s a call to action.

Number three SPEAK SLOWLY

So I often fall into the trap of getting quite excited and then I speak too fast, but it actually helps to just slow it down a little bit so your audience can understand your message.

Number four – EYE CONTACT.

Now, if you’re in front of a large audience, what I do is I focus on one person at a time maintaining eye contact before I move on to the next person.

Number five and the most powerful of them all, the one that binds them

all together, is BREATHE. Breathing will help you relax and when you’re relaxed you’ll perform at a higher level.

So armed with those five tips go out there and enjoy better presentations.

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